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Tuition FEE Concession

7.5 Reservation Concession

Full Fees Waived for Those Admitted Under 7.5% Reservation For Government School Students. As per the GO 221 Higher Education (J2) Dated: 15.11.2021, The State government will absorb the expenses for education in professional courses of students admitted under the 7.5% reservation for government school students. The fees for counseling, tuition, and hostel, would be paid by the government itself. They have to submit the proof for Government School study details from Sixth Standard to the Twelfth standard. The following categories of schools are classified as Government schools.

  1. Government Schools
  2. Corporation Schools
  3. Municipal Schools
  4. Adi Dravida And Tribal Welfare Schools
  5. Kallar Reclamation Schools
  6. Forest Department Schools
  7. Schools Managed by Government Departments

First Graduate Tuition Fee Concession

  • In the G.O. (st) No. 85 Higher Education (J2) Department dated: 16.04.2010, the Government have ordered to grant tuition
  • fee concession to the candidates who are to be the first graduate in a family, those who are attending counselling and joined
  • in professional courses in Government / Aided and Self-Financing Engineering Colleges. They have to submit the following:
  • Certificate obtained from Head Quarters Deputy Tahsildar in the format prescribed in G.O. Electronic form/digitally
  • signed e-Certificate only will be accepted which necessarily should include name of applicant’s father, mother, father’s
  • father, father’s mother, mother’s father, mother’s mother, brother (s) and sister (s) and joint declaration by himself and
  • parent/guardian in the prescribed format.
  • If the applicant’s Brother or Sister has already availed First Graduate Tuition Fee concession for studying
  • Professional Courses, then the applicant is not eligible for such concession.

AICTE Tuition Fee Waiver (TFW) Scheme

  • This scheme is applicable in Self-Financing Engineering Colleges and Self-Supporting courses in Government Aided Engineering
  • Colleges only. AICTE Tuition fee waiver scheme is applicable for B.E. / B.Tech. courses only. Seats up to a maximum of 5 percent
  • of sanctioned intake per course may be available under the scheme. Tuition fee waiver under First Graduate scheme is provided
  • by Government whereas, AICTE TFW scheme is provided by the Management of the Institution. Sons and daughters of parents
  • whose annual income is less than Rs. 6.0 lakhs from all sources shall only be eligible under this scheme.
  • All other fees except tuition fee will have to be paid by the candidate under both (7.1) & (7.2). Beneficiary student admitted
  • under AICTE TFW scheme will not be allowed to change Institution / course under any circumstances.

Post-Matric Scholarship

  • In the G.O. (st) No. 6 Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare (AD3) Department dated 09.01.2012, G.O. (st) No. 92 Adi Dravidar
  • and Tribal Welfare (AD3) Department dated 11.09.2012 and G.O. (st) No. 16 Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare (AD3)
  • Department dated 24.02.2014, the Government have ordered to grant Post Matric Scholarship to SC/SCA/ST candidates and
  • SC/SCA converted Christians, whose parental annual income is less than Rs. 2,50,000/- from all the sources shall only be
  • eligible. The eligible candidates have to submit income certificate obtained from appropriate authorities and get the Post
  • Matric Scholarship from the colleges where they get admitted.
TNEA Counseling FEE Details 2023 | TNEA 2023
TNEA Counseling FEE Details 2023 | TNEA 2023

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