What is an Internship? How to get an Internship

Top websites to get Internships: The students who are studying in a college or searching for things to get internships so in this post we combined the top websites that provide internship to students and gives free certificate without paying money and we said some tips to get there free internships from those websites and you can directly work with the industry culture in this Complete post we had shared about the details of the internship and how to get the internship for free of cost and in some cases you are getting paid by doing internships

What is an internship?

Working for a company without getting a salary to gain more knowledge about the industry culture and to get training from industry experts. During the internships, the students can work in the real-time scenario and real-time projects of that company and they can gain about the real-time problems and stuff in that projects as compared to our theory culture which we learned in our college.

Why Internship is Important?

The internship is one of the important things for college students because they are getting only the theory concepts from their college, That theory concept is not enough to get a job in a company. So the college students must go for an internship to get placements during that campus placement and the of Campus because most of the companies required the students must complete anyone intensive in any of the startup companies or any Multitech companies

What are the types of internships?

In internship, there are so many types the first type is free internship and the second type is paid internship and the third type is paid by the student internship.

Free internships are the internships that were done by students freely to a company in these internships the students can work with the company on a real-time project and gain real-time experience in that job. In the free internship, the company doesn’t pay you and you don’t pay them for any charges like getting a certificate or anything.

Paid internships are there internships that are also done by the students the students can work with real-time projects and the students can get paid by the companies because of the things done by the students in that project. So our personal choice is to get the paid internship to try to get paid internships if you didn’t get to go for free internships

Paid by the student internship this is the rarest internship we want to pay that company to get real-time experience in the culture of that company in most cases this job was not done by the companies but some companies do this type of job. I didn’t recommend this personally most cases you can go for paid internships if you didn’t get paid internships you can go for free internships.

How to get an internship?

There are many ways to get an internship the most common way to get the internship is to directly contact the hiring recruiter or any higher officials in the company through LinkedIn indeed Naukri and some other job-providing websites. 

And the other way to get internships Is to register on the websites providing internships throw the partnership with the top MNCs and other startups like the admission of some of the websites which are helping students to get internships.

Top 10 websites to get an internship

  1. Internshala 
  2. let’s intern 
  3. Angellist 
  4. Google for jobs 
  5. Indeed 
  6. LinkedIn 
  7. Glassdoor 
  8. Oysterconnect
  9. Monster find better 
  10. Chegg internships


Internshala is an Indian internship and online training platform that connects students and recent graduates with employers offering internships, part-time jobs, and virtual internships. It was founded in 2010 by Sarvesh Agrawal with the aim of bridging the gap between students and organizations seeking interns. Internshala provides a platform where students can search and apply for various internships across different fields such as engineering, management, design, content writing, social media marketing, and more. The platform caters to students from diverse educational backgrounds and offers internships for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students. Employers, ranging from startups to established companies, can post their internship opportunities on Internshala and browse through the profiles of interested candidates. The platform also offers a range of online training programs and courses in areas such as programming, digital marketing, data science, and business skills, providing students with additional learning opportunities to enhance their skills and employability. Internshala has become one of the leading platforms in India for internships and has expanded its services to include job listings as well. It has a wide user base and has facilitated internships and training opportunities for thousands of students and graduates across the country.

Let’s intern

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. Once confined to medical graduates, an internship is used practice for a wide range of placements in businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.


AngelList is a popular online platform that connects startups, investors, and job seekers in the tech industry. It serves as a hub for startup companies to raise funding, find talent, and connect with potential investors. AngelList allows startups to create a profile, showcase their products or services, and list any job openings they have. For job seekers, AngelList offers a platform to explore job opportunities specifically in the startup ecosystem. Users can create profiles, upload their resumes, and apply for jobs at startups listed on the platform. Job seekers can also receive notifications about new job postings and connect directly with hiring managers.

AngelList provides a range of job opportunities, including full-time positions, internships, and freelance roles, across various industries within the startup space such as technology, finance, marketing, design, and more. It has gained popularity as a go-to resource for those interested in working with or investing in startups. In addition to job listings, AngelList also features information on angel investors, venture capital firms, and accelerator programs. It provides a platform for startups to connect with potential investors and gain visibility within the startup community. Overall, AngelList serves as a valuable resource for both startups and individuals seeking employment or investment opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a job search feature provided by Google that aggregates job listings from various sources across the internet. It is designed to make it easier for job seekers to find relevant job opportunities by displaying them directly within Google’s search results.

When you search for job-related queries on Google, such as “software engineer jobs” or “marketing internships near me,” Google for Jobs utilizes its search algorithms to gather and organize job listings from a wide range of job boards, company websites, and career sites. The search results are displayed in a dedicated section at the top of the search results page, providing a consolidated view of relevant job postings.

The Google for Jobs feature offers several benefits to job seekers, including:

  1. Expanded job search: It allows users to discover job opportunities from multiple sources in a single search, saving time and effort.
  2. Advanced search filters: Users can filter job listings by various criteria like location, industry, job title, company, and more to refine their search and find the most suitable jobs.
  3. Customized alerts: Job seekers can set up email alerts for specific job searches, receiving notifications when new job listings matching their criteria are published.
  4. Company reviews and ratings: Google for Jobs often includes company ratings and reviews from platforms like Glassdoor, allowing job seekers to gather insights about the company before applying.
  5. Easy application process: Many job listings on Google for Jobs provide a direct application option, allowing users to apply to positions directly through the platform or via the employer’s website.

Google for Jobs aims to streamline the job search process by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for job seekers. It simplifies the task of finding relevant job opportunities and enhances the overall job search experience.


Indeed is one of the largest and most popular job search platforms worldwide. It serves as a comprehensive online job board where employers can post job openings and job seekers can search and apply for a wide range of job opportunities. Here are some key features and aspects of Indeed.

  • Job Listings: Indeed aggregates job postings from various sources, including company websites, job boards, staffing agencies, and more. It offers a vast number of job listings across industries, job types, and locations.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Job seekers can use advanced search filters to narrow down their job search based on criteria such as location, salary, job type (full-time, part-time, contract), experience level, and more. These filters help to find the most relevant job opportunities.
  • Resume Upload and Application: Job seekers can create a profile on Indeed and upload their resumes. They can then easily apply for jobs with the click of a button, either through the Indeed platform or by being redirected to the employer’s website or application system.
  • Job Alerts: Users can set up job alerts based on their specific preferences and receive email notifications when new jobs matching their criteria are posted on Indeed.
  • Company Reviews and Ratings: Indeed allows employees and job seekers to review and rate companies, providing insights into the work environment, company culture, and employee experiences.
  • Career Resources: Indeed offers additional resources to assist job seekers, such as career advice articles, resume templates, interview tips, and salary information.

Indeed has a vast user base and is available in numerous countries and languages, making it a popular choice for both job seekers and employers. It provides a user-friendly interface and robust search functionality to help job seekers find relevant opportunities and connect with potential employers.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform primarily used for professional networking, job searching, and career development. It allows individuals to create a profile that serves as a digital resume, showcasing their professional experience, skills, education, and other relevant information.

Here are some key features and aspects of LinkedIn:

  • Professional Networking: LinkedIn enables users to connect and network with professionals from various industries, companies, and organizations. Users can send connection requests, join industry-specific groups, and engage in discussions to expand their professional network.
  • Job Search and Recruitment: LinkedIn offers a robust job search feature, allowing users to search and apply for job opportunities posted by companies and recruiters. Users can also set up job alerts based on their preferences and receive notifications about relevant job openings.
  • Company Pages: Organizations can create company pages on LinkedIn to showcase their brand, company culture, job openings, and updates. Users can follow these pages to stay informed about company news, industry trends, and potential job opportunities.
  • Professional Development and Learning: LinkedIn provides a range of resources to support professional development, including online courses, industry-specific content, thought leadership articles, and skill-building opportunities. The platform’s learning platform, LinkedIn Learning, offers a vast library of courses taught by industry experts.
  • Recommendations and Endorsements: LinkedIn allows users to provide and receive recommendations and endorsements from their connections, showcasing their skills and expertise to potential employers and professional contacts.
  • Content Sharing and Engagement: Users can share industry insights, articles, professional achievements, and updates on their LinkedIn feed. This feature allows users to engage with their network, establish thought leadership, and gain visibility within their professional community.

LinkedIn is widely used by professionals across various industries and is a valuable tool for job searching, professional networking, and career advancement. It provides a platform for individuals to showcase their professional profile, connect with others in their field, discover job opportunities, and access resources for professional growth.

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