Saheli Chatterjee Biography – Age, Real name, Date of Birth

Saheli Chatterjee is a passionate Entrepreneur and a Social Media Geek who made 75Lakhs in a year through her marketing skills as a freelancer. She is also a successful YouTuber who owns two channels named “Helly” & “Saheli Chatterjee”.

Saheli Chatterjee Biography

She was born on 1st June 1999 in Kolkata, West Bengal. She completed her Bachelor of Arts – BA in English Literature (British and Commonwealth) in 2020 from Bethune College, Kolkata, West Bengal. She started her career as a freelancer at the age of 17. She got her first freelance gig (content writing) at the age of 17 and since then she has helped several clients with their content and marketing strategies.

Real NameSaheli Chatterjee
Nick NameHelly
Date of Birth1st June 1999
Age22 years (as of December 2022)
Birth PlaceKolkata, West Bengal
EducationBA in English Literature
CollegeBethune College
ProfessionFreelancer, YouTuber & Social Media Expert
Salary/IncomeRs 4 Lakhs+ per month
Saheli Chatterjee Biography

Now, she is a Social Media Expert with 3+ years of experience and she helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow their following, and generate leads and revenue using the power of social media. In one of her channels (Helly), she mostly talks about books, productivity, and stuff related to student’s life. On the other channel, she creates content regarding making money online, freelancing tips & social media marketing. Being a Social Media Marketing Specialist, she has helped entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches & consultants to build their presence online using the power of Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & More).

Indian Girl Made 75 Lakhs in a Year as a Freelancer

She started Freelancing at 17 as a Content Writer and used to get paid just 0.12ppw for her efforts. She always knew that her services were worth more but she was too scared to raise her prices and without the right guidance it was difficult for her to get what She deserved. Since then She has freelanced in multiple niches before finally zeroing in on Marketing and soon She successfully started making multiple Lacs a month as a Freelancer in Social Media Marketing. 

​ When She was 20, She started coaching students to become freelancers. This is what people around him used to say when I was just starting out my freelance career.✨

YOU can’t make MONEY through social media. 😪

Now She always wonders, what would have happened if she listened to them instead of believing in her skills.🤗 Well, jokes on them. She has made 75 Lakh as a Freelancer with just Social Media, and you can do it too. 💥

Here is what Saheli Chatterjee worked on to reach this level…👇

  1. Growing My Social Presence 
  2. Studying Algorithms of Social Platforms 
  3. Value-based Content Creation 
  4. Selling My Digital Products

Here are a few of Saheli Chatterjee’s Achievements.

  1. Making over 25 Lacs+ in less than 18 months as a Freelancer. 
  2. Making over 75 Lacs+ in Revenue in 3 Years just by  Freelancing 
  3. Overcoming mental barriers to build my dream life as my own Boss. 
  4. Coaching 2378+ students to start freelancing in Service-Based Industries 
  5. Catching your attention, because I am determined to make you successful – no matter what your income goal is.

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