TNEA Counseling Schedule 2023

TNEA Schedule 2023: Tamil Nadu engineering admission counselling is one of the main processes to get admitted into the Tamil Nadu engineering colleges it is conducted by Anna University which is run by the government of Tamilnadu, is counselling process is fully based on the marks taken by the students in that 12 standard public board examination the main eligibility for this counselling is that the student must take maths physics chemistry in the higher secondary education and at least scored 50% in the particular subjects. The counselling is based on the cut-off mark taken by the students the cut-off is calculated as per the marks taken by the students in the max physics and chemistry subjects the cut-off calculation procedure is explained below.

TNEA Schedule 2023

TNEA cut-off calculation

For TNEA Tamilnadu Engineering admission counselling the cutoff is calculated based on the marks taken by the students in maths, physics and chemistry. In the cutoff calculation the mark is calculated for 200 marks, the maths mark taken by the students is taken out of 100 which is the total and the physics mark and chemistry marks divide by 2 and then add the max mark of 100% and physics of 50% and chemistry of 50% age the total mark you get is the cutoff code by you. Otherwise you can use the calculator given below to calculate the cut off marks. The given TNEA cut off calculator will show you the accurate cut off for your mark

For Example, You scored 90 marks in Mathematics, 80 Marks in Physics and 94 marks in Chemistry. First, take the maths mark fully out of 100, here that is 90 next, Divide the Physics mark by 2 and chemistry mark by two, now the Physics mark will be 40 and the chemistry marks will be 47. Add all the three marks (90+40+47=177), Your Cut-off mark is 177.

TNEA Schedule 2023

The director of technical education of Tamilnadu Government address tentative schedule for TNEA counselling on 5th may 2023 as per the tentative schedule released by the director of technical education students can register for TNEA counselling from 5th May to 4th June and students can upload that documents from 5th May to 9th June and random number for that students will be assigned on 7th June after that certificate verification at the TFC centres is done from 12th June to 30 June it was office work and done in online mode. And the rank list of TNEA counselling 2023 is expected to be published on 12th July 2023 and the Grievances Redressal will be done between 13th July to 20 July. TNEA 2023 counselling is expected to start by the 2nd of August for special reservation categories like differently abled ex-servicemen and the sports quota.

TNEA Counselling Schedule 2023

The whole counselling process is in online mode. The general counselling will be expected to start on the 7th of August and ends on the 24th of September for the academic and government school 7.5 reservation categories and for vocational also. And finally, the supplementary counselling will start on 26th September and end on 29th September. SA2 SC counselling will be conducted between the first of October and to 3rd of October and finally, we are coming to the end of the counselling the counselling process will be in by the 3rd of October.

Note: All the schedule mentioned above is the tentative schedule released by our directorate of technical education, Chennai

TNEA 2023 Counselling Schedule

  • The counselling will be started from special reservation categories like differently-abled, Ex-servicemen and for sports quota from 2nd August to 5th August.
  • The counselling for the general category will also be online from 7th August to the 24th of September. The general counseling will be done by academic, government school 7.5 reservation category, and vocational category.
  • The supplementary counselling will also be held online from 26th of September to 29th of September 2023
  • SCA to SC counselling will also be held online from 1st October to 3rd October. Finally, the TNEA 2023 counselling will end on the 3rd of October.
TNEA Counselling Schedule 2023
Starting of TNEA Online Application05.05.2023
Ending of TNEA Online Application04.06.2023
Last date for Document Submission09.06.2023
Assigning Random Number07.06.2023
Certificates Verification at TFC’s12.06.2023 – 30.06.2023
Publication Rank List 12.07.2023
Counselling for Special Reservation Categories (ONLINE)*02.08.2023 to 05.08.2023
Counselling for General Categories (ONLINE)*07.08.2023 to 24.09.2023
Supplementary Counselling (ONLINE)*26.09.2023 to 29.09.2023
SCA to SC Counselling (ONLINE)*01.10.2023 to 03.10.2023
End of Counselling03.10.2023
TNEA 2023 Counselling Schedule

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